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Key Achievements in 2014

  • 11,142 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC's) were provided with medical care and treatment for primary health in the Nurture Africa Health Centre


  • 2188 children immunised at Nurture Africa and partner health centres.


  • 1,244 HIV infected children and parents/guardians received lifesaving anti-HIV medication (ARV's) on a monthly basis and in doing so regained their health through the Nurture Africa HIV Health care Project

  • 2,478 Community healthcare home visits were conducted to clients on the HIV healthcare project


  • 931 HIV counselled and tested people from MARPS (most at risk population) reffered and enrolled on HIV treatment and care and Nurture Africa and partner health centres.


  • 510 male were safely circumcised in order to reduce the risk of HIV transmission

  • 883 of 970 Guardians who received business start-up loans from 2011 - 2014 are maintaining their business and earning an average income of €16 per week


  • 921 of 970 Guardians who received business start-up loans from 2011 - 2014 are ably accessing 3 meals per day for their families and meeting other basic requirement (shelter and clothing)

  • Over 1,000 Primary School students' education was supported


  • 368 of the 669 orphans & vulnerable children who sat primary school leaving examinations in 2014 attained a grade 2.


  • Improved education of all stakeholders resulted in a 5.5% increase in orphans and vulnerable children taking lunch in Government aided schools. 

Advocacy & Child Protection
  • 92 of 102 reported cases of child abuse were successfully concluded in accordance to standards stipulated in Uganda's Children's Act 2004


  • 52% reduction in corporal punishment in 19 schools as a result of capacity building workshops in positive disciplinary measures


  • Succeeded in advocating for the Child Protection Policy for Wakiso district through the District OVC Committee and District Social Services


  • Succeded in advocating for quick hearing in all rape and defilement cases in three magistrate courts


  • The Human Rights Commission for Wakiso & Mubende Districts reactivated


  • Succeeded in advocating for more youth-friendly facilities in 7 Government health centre which resulted in increase sexual and reproductive health awareness in these centres.


  • Succeeded in advocating for all health centre managers in all health centres in Wakiso to mainstream integrated Youth work plans and having specially designated ART (Anti-retroviral therapy) and Sexual and Reproductive health days for service provision in these health centres.


  • Suceeded in advocating for the formulation of the District Sexual and Reproductive Rights Strategic plan 2014/15 which was approved by the health management committees


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