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July 24, 2019

Seeing Nakato seated in Baby class together with other five year old's, raising bottle caps of different
colours seems effortlessly done. To her mother and twin sister, they have hoped and waited for this
miracle for the last 10 years. In fact going to school was far beyond what they asked for then...

Babirye Elsheeba and Nakato Elizabeth were born in 2005 in the outskirts of Kampala city. Their mother Janipher described her shock, with tears streaming down her cheeks as she sorts groundnuts into two mounds, of how neither of her two scans showed that she was carrying twins.

Yet there she was, one baby out and being told


June 28, 2018

A testimony of a refugee from South Sudan, forced to flee to Uganda and now being supported through education by Nurture Africa

May 14, 2018

Kasirivu Henry is a 17 year old boy yet speaks with the maturity of someone far older. This is because he had to grow up quick. His parents separated and he along with his siblings, stayed with their father. Some years later, the children's lives were changed forever....

"Myself and my siblings all attended school. However, our father then passed away. I found myself as the head of the house with myself and my siblings to take care of. This was a real struggle as we had no money to pay school fees. I decided that I would miss some days at school as I had found work in people’s gardens. This allowed me to earn some income, top up my f...

December 11, 2017

In mid-2017, Nurture Africa commenced working in two refugee settlements for South Sudanese people fleeing ongoing conflict in their country. These camps are located in the Northern Uganda districts of Arua (IMVEPI Refugee settlement, which hosts 86,000 refugees) and Lamwo (Palabek Refugee Settlement which hosts 16,976 refugees).

Nurture Africa are supporting the educational system within these camps by providing scholastic materials for all pupils, teacher training, learning aids for teachers and building classrooms.

Nurture Africa staff in IMVEPI camp sat down and spoke with two school teachers who explained what forced them to leave the...

November 1, 2017

The summer of 2017 is one that will live long in my memory, and forever hold a special place in my heart for this was the summer that I finally took the plunge into overseas volunteer work. I made the trip to Nansana, Uganda to work as a teacher volunteer with the Irish founded NGO called Nurture Africa. Inspired by the magical stories of wonderful friends who had taken this same flight and walked these same roads before me, I boarded a plane on Friday 21st July 2017, along with 29 other Irish volunteers, bound for Nansana, a suburb of Uganda’s capital city Kampala. After several months of emails, phone calls, training days, fundraising event...

October 18, 2017

Uganda will not disappoint! Although the planning, fundraising, researching and travelling there may all seem a little daunting, when you arrive you’ll realise it was worthwhile. I decided early on in 2017 that I’d like to use some of my long summer off to do something out of the ordinary. After a little bit of research I discovered Nurture Africa and was excited to read about the work that they do in the village of Nansana. A few weeks later, my application had been sent, I had met Colm for an interview and I was starting to think about fundraising. Any worries I had about reaching my target quickly disappeared when I became aware of the gen...

March 3, 2017

In the summer of 2016, Irish teaching volunteers Sheila McDonagh and David O'Neill travelled to Uganda as members of the Nurture Africa Volunteer team. Little did they both know that 3 weeks of volunteering would inspire them both to want to do more;  which has led to the implementation of a new project with Nurture Africa, entitled Bia le Beatha (or "Food for Life" in English). Here, Sheila recounts the experience of her time in Uganda and why herself and Dave felt compelled to do more... 

"It’s hard to believe that it’s just over seven months since a bunch of exhausted, nervous and excited primary teachers arrived at the doors of K...

December 15, 2016

In this second part of his two part blog, Nurture Africa Student Ambassador Gavin Quinn takes a retrospective look at his 3 week volunteer placement in Uganda in summer 2016.

"It’s been nearly 5 months since I returned home from Uganda but I still remember it like it was just yesterday. A lot has happened, a lot has changed, time keeps ticking but as time goes on I realise just how great of an experience I had in a town called Nansana.

  Picture: Myself, Siobhan and Emily working on the Construction of the Nurture Africa IT Learning Centre

I spent most of the month of July on a volunteer placement in Nansana, Uganda with Nurture Africa. As a stu...

"It’s very hard to put my experience with Nurture Africa into words after just eleven days here. I’ve done so much, learned so much, gave so much and yet I’m still only at the halfway point of the placement. I’m so gracious to be given the opportunity to volunteer with Nurture Africa. The charity does so much good here in Nansana for people who truly deserve it and more importantly, they need it.

I chose to go volunteering with Nurture Africa for many of reasons. To try make a difference; their ambassador program made it feasible for me to go and of course to throw myself out of my comfort zone. Something a lot of us aren’t willing t...

In the latter half of 2014, Eimear Cregg made the decision to volunteer overseas during the summer of 2015. Eimear's research brought her to the offices of Nurture Africa and subsequently Eimear applied for and was accepted to the Nurture Africa Volunteer Programme. Eimear's experience was captured in "InTouch" (the Irish National Teachers' Organisation Union magazine) and is summuarised below. 


"In July 2015 with an equal mixture of excitement and nerves I boarded a flight to Uganda to spend three weeks as a volunteer teacher with Nurture Africa.

I was very anxious – I would be teaching over 100 children, in a hot classroom without the f...

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