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May 14, 2018

Kasirivu Henry is a 17 year old boy yet speaks with the maturity of someone far older. This is because he had to grow up quick. His parents separated and he along with his siblings, stayed with their father. Some years later, the children's lives were changed forever....

"Myself and my siblings all attended school. However, our father then passed away. I found myself as the head of the house with myself and my siblings to take care of. This was a real struggle as we had no money to pay school fees. I decided that I would miss some days at school as I had found work in people’s gardens. This allowed me to earn some income, top up my f...

In the latter half of 2014, Eimear Cregg made the decision to volunteer overseas during the summer of 2015. Eimear's research brought her to the offices of Nurture Africa and subsequently Eimear applied for and was accepted to the Nurture Africa Volunteer Programme. Eimear's experience was captured in "InTouch" (the Irish National Teachers' Organisation Union magazine) and is summuarised below. 


"In July 2015 with an equal mixture of excitement and nerves I boarded a flight to Uganda to spend three weeks as a volunteer teacher with Nurture Africa.

I was very anxious – I would be teaching over 100 children, in a hot classroom without the f...

March 13, 2015


Today's post is a short one....This year, Gina Corbett and Brian Furey will return to Uganda with Nurture Africa to volunteer for the third consecutive year. We gave them the difficult task in summarising why they return year after year.... in less than 100 words (then forgave them if that wasn't possible)! 

"I was retired and saw the Facebook ad looking for volunteers to work with children affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda. 

I thought I was going to help; instead Uganda gave me a new lease on life and a new outlook. 

I learned to live with and be grateful for the privileged life I have; to make the most of every opportunity and y...

April 18, 2014

Upon completing her voluntary placement in Uganda with Nurture Africa, Sue Kraftsoff, writes about her experience from the moment of deciding to commit to the placement through to her return to Ireland…


“The idea of volunteering abroad had always appealed to me; however it wasn’t until the IMPACT (Irish Trade Union, which supports the work of Nurture Africa) newsletter advertising a 2 week placement with Nurture Africa in Uganda that this idea became reality. Having replied to the ad, I had then attended an information session and an interview, gaining one of five places reserved for volunteers sponsored by IMPACT. During these preparation st...

April 18, 2014

Orla McGrath writes touchingly about her experience of volunteering in Uganda with Nurture Africa, and how that very experience pointed her in a new direction both personally and professionally, for the rest of her life….


“It was something that always appealed to me. I am not sure if appeal is the right word but lets say interested me.

I had watched suffering on my T.V. screen and I felt drawn to that. The ads depicted starving children, with their protruding ribs and rounded bellies, and I asked myself why? Not the big deep questions of “why the poverty?”, “why them and not me?”, they came a bit further on; but just the practical why’s like “...

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