Ebola Outbreak in West Africa


Over recent months, many of us have been made aware (through media attention) of the unprecedented Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. The countries specifically effected are Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. 


It is of utmost importance to be clear that this Ebola virus outbreak is NOT an African wide, continental outbreak.


We understand that many people in Ireland and the UK (volunteers along with family & friends) will have concerns regarding travelling to any part of Africa.


Whilst Nurture Africa continues to monitor the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, there are currently NO CONCERNS regarding the spread of the virus to/in Uganda.


The Nurture Africa team in Uganda will remain in communication with the Irish Embassy in Uganda and will act immediately upon any advice that is given to us concerning the safety and welfare of our volunteers in Uganda as this is and will remain the first priority of Nurture Africa when volunteers are on the ground in Uganda.


Please CLICK HERE to read a statement from the Health Service Executive (HSE) regarding the Ebola Virus Outbreak in West Africa.


We invite anyone with concerns regarding the Ebola virus outbreak to contact the Nurture Africa office in Dublin (01-5424177) in order to discuss this response in greater detail.


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