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Fundraising discount for past Nurture Africa Volunteers

In celebration of our 10th anniversary of volunteer placements in Uganda, we have decided to offer you, our hundreds of past volunteers who dedicated your time, energy and enthusiasm to the Nurture Africa cause, the opportunity to return to Uganda!


The formula, set out below, is quite simple!

Option 1 - 25% fundraising reduction

  • Simply sign up for any of our Summer or October Volunteer Placements in 2015 and your fundraising requirement will reduce by a full 25%! 

Option 2 - Recommend family members                   and/or friends


  • If you recommend the Nurture Africa Volunteer Placement to three family members or friends and they subsequently sign up to the placement, you will not be required to fundraise for your trip.


Sign up three and you go for free!

Thank you for submitting your request. I will be certain to contact you as soon as possible regarding your query. Warm Regards, Kevin

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