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South Sudanese Refugee Project


South Sudan has a population of 12 million people. Over half of these depend on humanitarian aid for their protection and survival as a result or the civil war which began in 2013. Although a peace agreement was signed in September 2018 there is a lack of food, health services and continued violence against civilians.

Uganda currently hosts 1.3 million refugees who have fled the country and offered safe-haven across the north of the country.


How Nurture Africa is supporting the refugees

Nurture Africa’s humanitarian response to this crisis is addressing the education and child protection needs of refugee women and children through two broad objectives:

  • To improve access to and provision of education (formal, health, child protection/sexual and gender based violence) for children and youth.

  • To contribute to early recovery and reduced psychological impact of the refugee crisis among the refugees and host communities in Imvepi (70,000 refugees) Refugee Settlement in Arua district.

  1. Nurture Africa opened its Child Friendly Space in Zone C in Imvepi Settlement, in order to offer a safe haven for the all the children in this zone. The space promotes child development through play. 

  2. An Early Learning Centre for children who are too young to  attend primary school. 

  3. A Vocational Training Centre for children and youths who can learn an income generating skill.

  4. Counselling Services are available for youths identified as traumatised by their experiences of the war in South Sudan.


Nurture Africa wishes to thank the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation for their support through funding this project. 

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