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Targets for 2016

  • P




  • Improve the quality of education of 6,000 students in 9 Governement aided schools


  • Continue to support 176 students in primary, secondary, third-level and vocational training

Sustainable Livelihoods
  • 2,000 of the most vulnerable HIV infected and poverty striken females & OVC guardians and their families supported with income generating activities through Community Banking Groups (CBGs) or Village Loan and Saving Associations (VLSAs).


  • 4 nutritional demonstration gardens to be established in 4 districts


  • Training and seedlings provided to 2,000 identified, in-need community members

Overseas Volunteering
  • Host 120 overseas volunteers in Uganda through our structured volunteer placements

Advocacy &
Child Protection
  • To advocate for the Minitry of Health to allocate more resources to youth-friendly services and reproductive health.


  • To advocate for the inclusion of the clause of eliminating corporal punishment in the Children's Acti n schools and communities and the penalty in Courts of Law for the culprits and perpetrators respectively.


  • To advocate for clinic doctors to conduct forensic medical examination and testify in courts of law for fast and timely apprehension and trial of perpetrators of rape and defilement, but also justice for the victims of the same.


  • Advocate for victims of rape and defilement to appear on camera in court in order to avoid potential intimidation.


  • Work to strengthen child protection and gender based violence referral systems and establish 20 child protection committees.


  • For 30 schools to have completely banned corporal punishment with a further 50 in the process of doing so. 


  • 2,000 students, teachers, guardians, local council leaders and community members educated on reporting and how to follow up on cases of rape and defilement.


  • For rape and defilement cases to be given priority in the 2 Magistrate Courts in 2 districts.


  • To advocate for 2 districts to commit to proritising youth friendly services for HIV infected girls.


  • 1 District Human Rights Commission in Hoima formed

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