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Nurture Africa is a non-governmental organisation registered in Uganda and Ireland. We are also registered in the US through a fiscal sponsor enabling us to have 501(c) 3 status.

Our Vision is Empowered African Families that are more self reliant

We lift vulnerable women and children out of poverty, empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency through a holistic family-centered model that is both cost-effective and replicable. We provide health services, educational support, child rights/advocacy, nutritional support and financial literacy training giving families living in poverty the tools and resources they need to become more self- reliant

Our Values are:

·        Passion

·        Compassion

·        Integrity

·        Teamwork

·        Innovation

We operate an established volunteer programme for students and professionals which includes structured short-term placements in Uganda more recently, online; enabling participants to support our work, learn about the success and challenges of international development and work hand in hand with our Ugandan staff to serve the communities Nurture Africa exists to serve.

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