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Sustainable Livelihoods

Nurture Africa focuses strongly on holistic family and community development. The vast majority of families that we work with are vulnerable as a result of their health status and this is compounded by a lack of access to services and stigma. 

By supporting families on a journey that will empower both guardians and their children to create a brighter future for themselves, Nurture Africa is helping to create more sustainable communities.

Sustainability IS the key to development. The journey that Nurture Africa supports families on; commencing with access to healthcare and education, has one final step.... An opportunity to earn an income and provide a secure home, food and clothing.

How Nurture Africa is supporting income generation

Nurture Africa does not believe in hand-outs. Instead we empower parents/guardians who are receiving family support on both our healthcare and education projects to help themselves. How do we do this....

  1. Parents/Guardians are provided with training on how to start or develop an income generating activity.

  2. Community Banking Groups (CBG's) are formed by groups of these parents (between 8-15 per group). Each group is  registered as a legal entity within the district and Nurture Africa provides a micro-finance loan to each group.

  3. Each parent is given a portion of the group loan in order to develop and establish their own business and work to make their family self- sufficient which break the cycle of poverty that exists in their own lives.

  4. The CBG's meet weekly when each parent must pay back their agreed loan amount and demonstrate that their business is operating profitably and they are putting savings into a bank account they have set up. 

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