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Long Term Volunteer Opportunities

Programme Information


Nurture Africa seeks volunteers intended for specific roles in Uganda. Each role will enable participants to support our operations on a daily basis in Uganda through working side-by-side with our staff. Each placement is 3-6 months in duration. Nurture Africa will cover the cost of flights, accommodation and 3 meals a day.
Nurture Africa has five core programme areas:

1) Education 

2) Health  

3) Economic Empowerment 

4) Nutrition
5) Child Protection

Applications are welcomed from experienced and enthusiastic individuals with a minimum of 3-5 years’ relevant work experience.

If you are flexible, innovative, a good team player and willing to work in a resource constrained setting we would be delighted to hear from you.

This is an opportunity that can have a huge impact on the local community and staff whom you will be working with. It will also benefit you
personally and professionally. Current volunteer opportunities available are listed below

Volunteer Roles

- Finance Officer/Accountant 

   To assist the finance department in operating all projects.

- Qualified Carpenter 

   To teach the carpentry students in the Nurture Africa Vocational School

Health worker

   To work within the Nurture Africa Medical Centre and must be skilled                  administration, management and training

Restaurant Manager 

   Tasked with coordinating our restaurant social enterprises operated by our
    Vocational Students

- Chef 

   With responsibilities to train students in our vocational centre and       restaurants

Programme Manager/ Clerk of Works 

   To oversee the construction of the new maternity theatre and training                room being constructed in 2023

You can apply or request more information by emailing

Nurture Africa CEO, Brian Iredale by clicking on the button below

* All applications are subject to Garda/Police clearance

- Teacher/Education administrator 

   Tasked with supporting the vocational team with operating the Vocational   Centre experience in administration, tailoring, catering or hairdressing

- Project coordinator 

   To assist in coordinating community projects - Health, Youth, Nutrition etc.

- Event’s organiser

   Tasked to train and support vocational students to organise events such as   birthdays, graduations etc. within our social enterprise cafe's

- Human Resource/Administrative Coordinator 

   To support the HR dept. in ensuring the organisation is running efficiently       in accordance with employment law

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