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Youth Social Enterprise


More than 75% of Uganda's 45 million people are under the age of 30. Youth unemployment stands at 13.3%, which is one of the highest in sub-saharan Africa (source World Bank).

Access to employment or the ability to establish ones own business are hampered by many factors. Socio-economic challenges that result in the failure to gain a third level qualification or failing to attain or dropping out of formal education at primary or secondary level are one aspect. Limited access to intership opportunities to gain experience is another. As are issues related to health and family structure/support.

Total enrolment at tertiary level following on from completion of secondary school stands at just 5% in Uganda (source: UNESCO Institute).

How Nurture Africa is supporting Youth education and employment opportunities

- Nurture Africa established a Youth Centre in 2013 as a safe haven for children to interact, socialise and learn life-skills from our staff.

- Through working with these young people we learnt that many were eager to gain a skill they could use to generate an income through employment or establishing their own business.

- Today, Nurture Africa's Vocational Training Centre is a registered educational institute. We provide free education to 140 "most at risk" students per year with the opportunity for them to gain a recognised qualification in courses such as Tailoring, Hair & Beauty, Catering or Carpentry.

Through the establishment of its business unit "Urban Village" vocational students are provided an internship opportunity to enhance practicability of learnt skills by serving the public on a daily basis. 

This improves on the economic status of the youths through earning a daily wage and is also a sustainability strategy for the project and organisation.

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