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2022 Achievements
Nurture Africa is focused upon its continued contribution to international development. Below, you can read the achievements of the organisation in numbers, across our four main project areas of Health, Sustainable Livelihoods, Education and Child Rights. Behind each of these numbers is a person. Nurture Africa will seek to continue to support each of these people and as many more who require our support over the coming years.


  1. 13,063 women & vulnerable female youths received Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

  2. 2,429 HIV infected children, adolescents, and their guardians received HIV care and treatment

  3. 16,843 clients received Primary Health
    Care services

  4. 1,314 clients were tested for TB and 81
    positives were identified and treated

  5. 286 disabled children provided with
    comprehensive physiotherapy and
    occupational therapy

  6. 1,555 women received ante natal care
    and post-natal services

  7. 3,431 children were immunised

  8. 709 women delivered from the Nurture
    Africa Medical Centre.


  1. 244 children were provided with
    education services: Primary (156),
    Secondary school (55),  Tertiary (33)

  2. 120 vulnerable youth were trained invocational skills

  3. 228 teachers were trained on improved teaching methodologies, alternatives to corporal punishment

Sustainable Livelihoods

  1. 1,460 guardians trained and they were able to form 50 VSLA groups to improve on their household income. 83.3% guardians are able
    to sustain their businesses.

  2. 2,195 vulnerable heads of households were trained on backyard vegetable growing and improved agricultural methods and received
    a seedling starter pack to improve their nutritional health.

  3. 7,395 children and guardians in 10 schools were educated on child rights, the rights to health,
    nutrition, and the rights to education.

  4. 1,853 guardians were facilitated on becoming self-employed, developing collective savings
    schemes, and to develop business plans that enabled them to create income generating activities.

  5. 228 teachers were trained on developing a
    Teachers’ Savings Loans Association (TSLA)

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