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2019 Achievements
Nurture Africa is focused upon its continued contribution to international development. Below, you can read the achievements of the organisation in numbers, across our four main project areas of Health, Sustainable Livelihoods, Education and Refugee Support. Behind each of these numbers is a person. Nurture Africa will seek to continue to support each of these people and as many more who require our support over the coming years.



Nurture Africa established its own Health Centre in 2011 and provides:

  1. Quality specialist HIV care and treatment

  2. Paediatric primary healthcare services

  3. Maternal healthcare services

  4. Sexual & Reproductive healthcare services

  5. Physiotherapy services for children living with disabilities


Nurture Africa supports the educational needs of vulnerable children and youth through the following interventions:

  1. Through the provision of school fees, scholastic materials etc. to enable children to access primary, secondary and third level education in formal institutions. 

  2. By providing teacher training and teaching resources to primary schools to support improved standards of education for pupils.

  3. By providing access to vocational training for vulnerable youth. 

Sustainable Livelihoods

Nurture Africa supports families to generate their own income by:

  1. Providing comprehensive business and loan management training.

  2. Supporting families to develop a business plan.

  3. Providing micro-finance loans which parents/ guardians use to establish a business which enables them to provide for their families



Click HERE to view a video which highlights the impact of the Sustainable Livelihoods Project.

                                                                                            South Sudan Refugee Project

Resulting from a civil war which broke out in 2013, there are 1 million South Sudanese in Uganda with refugee status. Nurture Africa’s Humanitarian response to this crisis, addresses the education and child protection needs of South Sudanese refugee women and children by:

  1. By providing access to and provision of quality academic, health, child rights and gender based violence education. 

  2. By contributing to, through the provision of psychosocial support services, the early recovery and reduced impact of the refugee crisis among the refugees and host communities in two refugee settlements in northern Uganda.

Nurture Africa has established this project in Imvepi refugee camp (64,000+ refugees), Arua district.

                                                                                         Child Rights & Gender Equality

Defilement is the most common crime committed against children standing at 57.7% for all reported child abuse cases (ANPPCAN 2009). Whilst corporal punishment is illegal it is tolerated and practised widely in schools in Uganda. 

Nurture Africa believes that any child that is abused has the right to justice. Nurture Africa is working to uphold children's rights by:

  1. Working with all staff and children within its partners schools on the eradication of corporal punishment and promoting alternative methods of discipline.

  2. We support local police to ensure that every reported child abuse case within our areas of operation is adequately followed up in the community until justice is achieved.

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