Christmas Gift Campaign

Give a gift that will make a real difference to the life of a vulnerable family in Uganda

The process is simple!

Step 1 -  Select your gift/s of choice from the list below and click BUY NOW. A new window will open for you confirm your order and fill in your card details 

Step 2 - Once we have received your order, we will post you a special Nurture Africa Christmas card

Step 3 - Give your loved one their special gift on Christmas day! 

€15 - Mosquito Net

This gift will provide a vulnerable family with a treated mosquito net which will provide a vital support in preventing malaria.This gift is a real life-saver!


€40 - HIV treatment & care

This gift will enable Nurture Africa to provide holistic treatment and care to one HIV+ client for a period of 3 months

€25 - 3 month Primary Healthcare for a child

This gift will provide a vulnerable child with treatment and care at the Nurture Africa Heath Centre for a period of 3 months

Nurture Africa Maternity

€50 - Maternity Care

This gift will support two "most at risk" mothers with safe deliveries  of their new borns at the Nurture Africa health centre

€30 - 6 months nutritional support

Good diet is vital for good health. This gift will provide a HIV infected family with the required nutritional support to improve its health status

€60 - Sustainable Livelihoods Support

This gift will enable Nurture Africa to provide training and a micro-finance loan to two vulnerable families in Uganda

€21 per month  

Vocational Training Sponsorship

This gift will provide vocational skills training to a young person and provide an opportunity to gain employment & create a brighter future for her/himself.