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President of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Museveni officially opens

Phase II of the Nurture Africa Health Centre in Nansana, Uganda



President Museveni cuts the ribbon to officially open Phase II of the Nurture Africa Health Centre in Nansana, Uganda.

On Saturday 5th September 2015, President of Uganda, His Excellency, Yoweri Museveni officially opened Phase II of the Nurture Africa health centre in Uganda


Whis this a new phase operational, Nurture Africa can now cater for over 50,000 HIV and paediatric primary health treatments per year.


The occasion was marked by the presence of staff of both the Irish and Japanese Embassy's of Uganda.

Nurture Africa CEO, Brian Iredale specifically thanked the Japanese Embassy and the Government of Uganda for their support in the construction of the health centre as well applauding the 3,500 members of the local community for coming out in force to welcome President Museveni.


In his speech, the CEO also thanked Irish Aid for their continuos support over the last 7 years which has enabled Nurture Africa to expand it's projects to 4 districts within Uganda which have a population of over 3.5 million people.  


Nurture Africa's relationship with Irish Aid commenced in 2008. Irish Aid has enabled Nurture Africa to expand its Ugandan staff from 20 to over 70 in 2015. Irish Aid supports the running costs of the Nurture Africa Healthcare programme including Community Healthcare, the Child Protection Project and Sustainable Livelihoods Project which focuses upon economic empowerment through microfinance support.


Nurture Africa wishes to thank all staff (past and present), both local and international volunteers and all donors for your support, dedication and committment to the contiued growth of Nurture Africa for the benefit of vulnerable families in Uganda.





President Museveni and Nurture Africa CEO, Brian Iredale pictured with Nurture Africa staff and staff from the Japanese Embassy in Uganda. 

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