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Our History

In 1997, founder and CEO Brian Iredale first volunteered in Africa. During this time Brian witnessed first hand the high level of poverty and illness in Uganda.

He decided to return to Ireland to study paediatric nursing, which would allow

him to return to Uganda and offer better assistance to HIV infected children.

In 2002, Brian realised that he could try to do something small in Ireland to

help the many orphans and vulnerable children directly affected by the HIV epidemic who were not gaining access to any services from government institutions or NGOs.

In 2003, Brian founded A-Z Children's Charity; focusing the organisation upon providing healthcare and education to the most vulnerable children within

the communities the organisation would operate in Uganda.

In 2005, alongside a growing number of volunteers, both Irish and Ugandan,

the HIV healthcare project was established, supporting the treatment and

care of 5 HIV infected children. The child sponsorship programme also

enabled people in Ireland to support the education of a vulnerable child in

Uganda through monthly financial support.

In 2009, Brian became a full-time employee and CEO of the organisation as its growth continued and Irish Aid funding was secured.

In 2011, what was once known as A-Z Children's Charity re-branded to Nurture Africa; a name which embodies the ethos and vision of the organisation into

the future. Today in Uganda, Nurture Africa is sustaining the employment of 80+ Ugandan staff members across all departments alongside 2 part-time

staff members in its Irish office.



Primary healthcare clinic at the Nurture Africa health centre

Why does Nurture Africa exist?

To nurture the mental, physical and emotional growth and well being of Ugandan HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and vulnerable children, and their HIV+ parents/guardians.


How does Nurture Africa help?

By providing access to quality healthcare (Primary healthcare, specialist HIV treatment & care, Maternal healthcare services & specialist physiotherapy services), education (across 1st - 3rd level and vocational training) and income generating sustainable livelihoods projects whilst mainstreaming child welfare and gender equality through all of our activities. 


What impact does support from Nurture Africa have on their lives?

We work to prevent HIV infected children and adults from dying by providing access to lifesaving anti – retroviral (ARVs) medication which stops the HIV replicating in their bodies. We enable vulnerable children to access educational services with the goal that each child can attain a qualification, secure employment, and becoming a positive influence in Ugandan Society.

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