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Enabling disadvantaged youths to acquire skills that will help them to transform their futures

Nurture Africa's Vocational Training Centre was establish in 2016 as a response to the high youth population in Uganda who had failed to access or progress through the formal education system. Through this programme, we seek to enroll the most at risk youth into vocational education. Our comprehensive social enterprise model equips all students with theoretical and practical skills for their chosen course. These courses are:

1) Catering

2) Hair dressing

3) Fashion and Design

4) Carpentry

The skills acquired enable graduated students to gain formal employment or start their own businesses.

Nurture Africa Vocational Training Centre Students

The vocational training modules offered are employment oriented and relevant to the labor

market needs and demands in Uganda. Nurture Africa has developed three businesses units directly linked to the vocational training centre.

These business units, named "Urban Village" provide cafe and salon services to the general public seven days a week and offer the students:

1) Regular work experience in order to put the theoretical knowledge gained at the vocational training centre into practice

2) Subsistence and contribute to students fees through the income generated by each business unit

All students also have the opportunity to enrol in IT lessons which will enable them to learn how to use Microsoft Word (CV and Cover Letter writing for job applications) Excel (business budgeting) and PowerPoint (Basic design and presentation skills).

Nalweyiso Sumayiya pictured above with staff member Katimbo Bob, spoke about her experience in the Vocational Training Centre:

"I am so very grateful for the opportunity that I have been provided. The IT lessons have allowed me to gain new skills and develop confidence to use a laptop. Before these lessons commenced, I had no understanding of how to use a computer. My vocational course has also given me the opportunity to learn and in the future, earn a living through fashion and design which is a passion of mine. All of this is provided at no cost to me."

Courses at the Nurture Africa Vocational Centre last 2 years in duration. Upon the successful completion of their course, each student is presented with a Certificate of Vocational Training which is recognised the the Directorate of Vocational Training through the Department of Education & Sports.

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