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Our volunteer programme....


  • Welcomes applications from people 18 years old + from all backgrounds

  • Facilitates 3 week summer and 2 week October volunteer placements in Africa 

  • Supports you through three critical phases of volunteering (Pre-departure, Overseas placement and the return home phase)

  • Provides highly committed & professional support

  • Enables you to contribute to our work in Uganda


  • Offers you the opportunity to reflect upon and increase your awareness & understanding of day to day life in Uganda 

  • Create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime

Applications open for our 2024 Programme


Volunteer Programme

2024 Summer Volunteer Programme

Our Summer 2024 volunteer programme is open for applications.

Placement dates for our General Skills, Healthcare and Teaching Programmes are: 

Placement 1: 7th - 28th June (Placement FULL)

Placement 2: 28th June - 19th July

Placement 3: 19th July - 9th August

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Volunteer Programme

2024 October Volunteer Programme

Our 2024 Programme is open for applications.

This programme includes a 2 week "skills-based" placement

in Uganda. We will seek to align your skills and expertise to a project which will enable you to support our work in Uganda.

Our General Skills placement enables applicants from all other academic, working and every day life backgrounds to apply for the programme.

Placement dates: 11th - 25th October 2024

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