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The TRUE impact of Nurture Africa's work in Uganda....

With this addition to our blog, we're changing up the focus. To this point we have focused upon how our volunteer placement has directly impacted upon our volunteers.

This entry will provide a glimpse as to how the every day work of Nurture Africa is benefitting the very people that the organisation is tied to....

"With the right mental attitude.....nothing can stop me

from achieving my goals" - Nakato Mary

“Before speaking of anything else, it’s worth noting that it is now 12 years since Nurture Africa started supporting me in all dimensions that lead to one’s social wellbeing. That support has been provided through provision of access to education, healthcare and enabling me to recognize and develop my talents.

It is not only I, but also five of my siblings whom are benefitting from the support of Nurture Africa. Together we are all striving to be good citizens in our country; Uganda!


Nurture Africa started rendering educational support when I was in Primary three, and has continued with this support to date. I am now at university after completing my S.6 exams (Leaving Certificate / A level equivalent) where I emerged with excellent grades. As a result of my hard work and endeavor, I am now studying a Bachelor’s in Development Economics at Makerere University, which is the Nakato Mary

best university in Uganda. Once I have

graduated, my goal is to become an Accountant or Financial Manager.

During my university holidays, Nurture Africa gives me a chance to volunteer in the Education Department of the organisation which I thoroughly enjoy. I appreciate this because now am gaining great experience and from this I also earn money.

I also joined the Nurture Africa Youth Club, where myself and other youth within the local communities can meet on a regular basis in a safe environment and form strong friendships. I have also developed my talent for drumming, as music and dancing is something that we Ugandans truly love. I have met many important people in my life all through Nurture Africa.

I am also the spokes-lady of the Nurture Africa Youth Club and AM PROUD OF THE PERSON THAT I AM."

Wabale Nnyo (Thank you very much),

Nakato Mary

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