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I thought I was going to help.... Instead Uganda gave ME a new lease of Life!

Today's post is a short one....This year, Gina Corbett and Brian Furey will return to Uganda with Nurture Africa to volunteer for the third consecutive year. We gave them the difficult task in summarising why they return year after year.... in less than 100 words (then forgave them if that wasn't possible)!

"I was retired and saw the Facebook ad looking for volunteers to work with children affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

I thought I was going to help; instead Uganda gave me a new lease on life and a new outlook.

I learned to live with and be grateful for the privileged life I have; to make the most of every opportunity and yes, be willing. I learned how little it takes to change a life but above all I learned enormous respect and admiration for the people I encountered.

Gina Corbett facilitating a Library Reading Session

with students from Wisdom Junior P.S, Nansana, Uganda.

They take the opportunity offered by Nurture Africa and make the most of it. They work hard and have pride in their achievements.

It is evident that Nurture Africa invests every penny collected, back into the community and that makes me proud to be part of such a great organisation.

Is it any wonder I go back year after year? It sets me up for the Winter ahead!

- Gina Corbett

Each experience is totally unique and because of this you want to go back

"Returning to volunteer in Uganda was something I was intent on doing from the minute I got home from my first placement. It felt like a natural choice.

While the volunteer experience can be tough and very demanding, each experience is totally unique and because of this you want to go back, see how those people are, what has changed and what hasn't. Multiple visits help you build a real, broad insight into this wonderful place.

Brian Furey with students from Kassengejje Primary School during a P.E Session.

On my first programme placement the group assisted in the construction of a Youth and Community Centre . As we left the first time it was just up to roof level but not finished. You can imagine then, what it felt like on my second trip last October, to actually see the building finished and being used by the various groups in the community. It was a good feeling to sit inside and think of my fellow volunteers, a year earlier, who made and constructed the brickwork and poured the concrete! A very proud moment." (This building is now the Nurture Africa Vocational Training Centre, which supports 100 students each year to gain a qualification with which each can seek employment or set up their own business).

- Brian Furey

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