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Volunteer testimonials

Uganda is like nothing you will ever experience! Leave your preconceptions and ideas behind you, put them in a box. Uganda to me was humbling but very positive. For a culture that has suffered so much, they are so happy. Uganda has changed my outlook on life; it has made me a different person. As a teacher, not only will you teach, you will learn. I have come away feeling fulfilled with a zest for life and a lot of new friends!

-Dearbhla Moore, student teacher from Co. Kildare.

Three weeks in Uganda have taught me more about life than any other fancy course or books could ever have done.

-Manuela Cristea, student nurse from Romania.

I would hate to imagine now, that any of my worries could have held me back from engaging in what has been one of the most inspiring, rewarding, and memorable experiences of my life. Grab this amazing opportunity to experience the warmth of Ugandan culture. You won’t possibly regret it.

-Sarah Simcox, teacher from Cork.

The most amazing and memorable experience of my life to date. It was full of both exciting and challenging experiences. I learned a lot both personally and professionally. I think everyone should have an experience like this, you need to be there to really appreciate it.

-Emma Owens, student teacher from Co. Offally.

Truthfully, I enjoyed every part of the experience and would recommend it to anyone of any age, job, and ability.

-Bryan Donaghy, Motor Factors Branch Manager from Co. Derry.

Although this experience has been incredibly challenging and emotional, it has also been uplifting and life-changing. I think it’s something that everybody should experience at least once in his or her lifetime. I’ve seen and learned things I will never forget, and met people who have literally touched my life in ways I never expected.

-Roisin Ni Riordain, teacher from Co. Kildare.

The children are inspiring and the teachers are so professional. I feel like I’ve improved as a teacher from a result of my trip.

-Fionnuala McGrath, teacher from Dublin.

I felt very welcomed and supported by Nurture Africa and felt that I left something positive behind me with the work I achieved.

-Jennifer Lonergan, Occupational Therapist from Dublin.

My three weeks spent in Uganda is, without doubt, the most fulfilling and constructive experience of my life. The warmth, friendliness, patience and kindness of the Ugandan people was both a humbling and wonderful experience. It was refreshing to see the eagerness, enthusiasm, and genuine interest of the Ugandan children in learning and in improving themselves educationally. I cannot recommend highly enough my Ugandan experience. Thanks to Nurture Africa.

-Mick Flynn, teacher from Co. Meath.

Uganda is a beautiful, vibrant, buzzing place. The people are extremely welcoming, accommodating, and inspirational. While my experience in Uganda was a humbling one, I enjoyed every single second I spent there. The difficult times were easy to overcome due to the outstanding, dedication, knowledge and skills of the coordinators. Thanks to my experience volunteering with Nurture Africa, I have gained invaluable insight to life in Uganda and I have also gained a new outlook on Irish life. It changed me, made me a better nurse, student and person.

-Yvonne Murray, student nurse from Dublin.

I got such a sense of satisfaction and personal achievement from the work we did, which will stay with me; as well as the friendships made.

-Caroline Gallagher, Manufacturing Quality Inspector from Co. Galway.

Everyone should experience volunteering in some form at least once in their life. I would recommend Nurture Africa for anyone who wants to make a difference in a well deserving community. The people, the place, the culture all made a huge impact on my life and it will be with me for the rest of my days. Uganda is a beautiful country with so much to offer, I would encourage anyone considering volunteering to do so with Nurture Africa.

-Emma Douglas, teacher from Dublin.

You will learn so much about education, health, life, hope, resilience, but mostly about yourself.

-Josephine Donohoe, Social Worker and lecturer from Co. Dublin.

The experience was equally rewarding and humbling. I have memories that will stay with me always.

-Brian Hughes, teacher from Dublin.

When I found Nurture Africa, I felt that it was not going it alone, it was like I was joining an extended family instead. It was the most humbling and worthwhile experience, which I was privileged to be a part of.

-Niamh Redmond, nurse from Co. Laois.

I found my experience in Uganda to be rewarding and life-changing. It was challenging and stressful at times but every challenge was worth overcoming.

-Stephanie Byrne, teacher from Co. Wicklow.

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