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Fundraising Supports


Unnerved by the thought of fundraising...?? We're here to help, so please don't be! We strongly believe in the need for us to support you, both in the planning and implementation stage of your fundraising efforts. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that you invest in fundraising for us. As a result, we have developed the resources below to assist you plan and host successful and enjoyable fundraising events that help to keep the fun in fundraising!   





You can now generate your very own online personal fundraising                                          Click on the icon below to view and download the Nurture Africa 

page by simply clicking the "create fundraising page" button below!                                  Fundraising Handbook. Inside you will find topics such as planning                                                                                                                                                                                          and implementing events covered, as well as fundraising ideas and

These personal fundraising pages are of huge assistance for your                                               top tips from past Nurture Africa volunteers/fundraisers.

event and/or volunteer placement and can allow those who live                    

in another county, country or on the other side of the world (!)                                                          We think it's a great resource, and hope that you agree!

to sponsor you easily and securely!                    


You can also publicise your page through social media in order to                                            Click on the icon below to view and download the handbook:

generate even more support.                                                                






Create your very own personal Nurture Africa fundraising page in

just a few minutes!





Once you have created your page, share it on social media and 

send a link to family, friends & work colleagues which will enable

them to sponsor you online!













Please do get in touch with us by email: HERE or by phone if you would like to discuss fundraising options. We will be more than happy to have a chat with you!


Fundraising Handbook
Create a Personal Fundraising Page
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