Nurture Africa Family Support Project
€5 a month


This contribution will be used to provide vitally nutritious food to a HIV infected family on the Nurture Africa healthcare project. A healthy diet, along with medical treatment/care is of great importance in order to maintain/regain stronger immunity levels and live a long and healthier life.

Make a monthly donation to support a family to produce its own food, access healthcare or provide access to education...

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Nurture Africa's "Holistic Family Centred Model" focuses upon long term sustainable development in Uganda by providing vulnerable children and their parents/guardians with access to:

1) Healthcare 2) Nutritional Support 3) Education 4) Income Generation 5) Child Rights education & training

€10 a month


This contribution will be used to pay for the medical costs of a vulnerable child (Primary healthcare and/or HIV services) within the Nurture Africa health centre. Through this contribution you will pay for treatment & medication for illnesses such as HIV, malaria, TB, measles and pneumonia.

€21 a month


Not all children are fortunate enough to access formal education in Uganda.

This contribution will enable a young person to access a two year vocational education course. Upon successfully completing state exams, each young person will receive a formal qualification and the opportunity to seek employment. You will receive a yearly report, photograph and update from Nurture Africa.