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Nurture Africa Child Support Project


See how your sponsorship works, and how your contribution can assist to provide a child with a brighter future....


Nurture Africa's "child-centred" approach to long term sustainable development in Uganda is focused upon providing vulnerable children and their parents/guardians with:


  • Access to healthcare in order to alleviate suffering, improve health status' and ultimately save lives; whilst also providing education and support for expectant and young mothers regarding the welfare of their child/children.


  • Support families in the provision food, shelter and clothing in order to protect their own well-being and strengthen their communities through the Nurture Africa Sustainable Livelihoods Project. 


  • Access to education from primary to third level, in order to enable vulnerable children to create their own future and use education as a tool to lift themselves out of poverty.


This contribution will be used to provide vitally nutritious food to a HIV infected child on the Nurture Africa healthcare project. A healthy diet, along with medical treatment/care is of great importance in order to maintain/regain stronger immunity levels and live a long and healthier life.


This contribution will be used to enable a vulnerable child or orphan to access education. You will pay for school fees, food at lunchtime and some scholistic materials. At the end of each school year, you will receive a school report, photograph and letter from your sponsored child.


This contribution will be used to pay for the medical costs of a vulnerable child (Primary healthcare and/or HIV services) within the Nurture Africa health centre. Through this contribution you will pay for treatment & medication for illnesses such as HIV, malaria, TB, measles and pneumonia.

Monthly contribution


Our concept is simple...... One donation, each month to help change a child's life in Uganda

To sign up, please download the pledge form here: Nurture Africa Child Support Pledge Form complete it and return it to:


Nurture Africa, 54 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.

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