October 2014 Uganda Volunteer Group Blog

As preparations for our 37 volunteers bound for Uganda this October continue, this blog will document Nurture Africa input and the volunteers personal journey from the pre-departure training phase in Ireland, on to their experiences of life volunteering with Nurture Africa in Uganda, and finally sharing their new perspectives having completed their collective experiences in Uganda, and fitting them into their lives having returned home to friends and family....

Pre-departure Training

Nurture Africa

"The importance of pre-departure training for volunteers is of vital importance to us, and we put a lot of preparation into ensuring that we are delivering the information and content that the volunteers need. Most often, there are two overriding emotions for volunteers when they sign up to volunteer with Nurture Africa. These are "excitement and nervous/anxiousness". Our job during this phase is to allay some of that nervousness and enhance the excitement (!), and prepare our volunteers for their new surroundings and culture in Uganda as well as ensuring that they are informed of essential policies and role descriptions for their work in Uganda. The importance of this phase cannot be understated for the success of every volunteers placement. That will ring through during their time in Uganda. It also shoots the roots for new friendships that will last a lifetime!"



"I didn't know what to expect if I'm being honest! Immediately as I entered the room for training, I felt welcomed and at ease. There was a great flow of information from the moment we started through Nurture Africa staff and my fellow volunteers. Pre-departure training really does help you to understand what to expect from the volunteer experience."

"Spent two great days at pre-departure training for our upcoming trip to Uganda. There was lots of information coming our way and I feel much better informed having attended."

- Anne Fortune

"Very informative days, and also very enjoyable! Getting very excited for the trip now!"

- Ann Marie Sexton

2014 Student Placement group work (Pre-departure)

"Very impressed with the pre-departure training. Every question I had in my head was answered. I have a nervous excitement about heading off to Uganda now."

- Laura Hanratty

"Before I left Uganda I kind of made up my mind that I'd like to return, but wasn't sure if this year would be too soon. However, the chance to see again the many lovely people I met on my first trip and the ability to hopefully see progress in Nurture Africa's projects since my last visit prompted to me to sign up again. I'm really excited about the trip but also a little nervous about what it will be like to be there on the ground again. This time I have promised myself to slow down and spend more time taking in and experiencing everything!"

- Brian Furey (Return Volunteer)