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Serving my own community...

The Nurture Africa Community team, carry out an invaluable job in Uganda. Between appointments, they are the link between clients on our HIV Healthcare Project and our health centre. Mr. Kalunda Jonathan is a Senior Community Worker with Nurture Africa.

“I have worked with Nurture Africa for five full years. My work is outside of the Nurture Africa health centre and based in the community which we, as Nurture Africa exist to serve. As a team, the Community Workers are here to sensitize the people about the dangers and prevalence of HIV. We publicise and mobilize community members to test for HIV and know their status. Once a person knows their own status he or she can do what is necessary to live responsibly and stop the spread of this virus.

“I attend many local meetings and inform the community about the services available at the Nurture Africa Health Centre; but also about the benefits of the services. For example, the procedure of safe male circumcision, which Nurture Africa carries out, can decrease the chances of a young male contracting HIV by as much as 60%. We also mobilize children for immunization and their parents bring them to the health centre to access this service.


Kalunda Jonathan assisting volunteer nurse Sonya Rooney to carry out a HIV test on a child in Wakiso District, Uganda.

“When I visit a family who has clients on the Nurture Africa HIV healthcare project, I can help to educate parents/guardians regarding what is required for them to keep themselves and their children in good health and ensure that any member who is on medication for HIV is adhering to taking it on time and every day. I try to answer all health related questions. If referral to the Nurture Africa health centre team is required, I ensure that this happens.

“I have also gained from working with Nurture Africa, because now I can speak English and also express out myself openly when talking to everyone. I thank Nurture Africa for this!

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