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"I dream of a time when I can earn money after my course and be able to support my sibling’s wi

Kasirivu Henry is a 17 year old boy yet speaks with the maturity of someone far older. This is because he had to grow up quick. His parents separated and he along with his siblings, stayed with their father. Some years later, the children's lives were changed forever....

"Myself and my siblings all attended school. However, our father then passed away. I found myself as the head of the house with myself and my siblings to take care of. This was a real struggle as we had no money to pay school fees. I decided that I would miss some days at school as I had found work in people’s gardens. This allowed me to earn some income, top up my fees and provide food for our home. Unfortunately, because I was now not regularly at school my performance was poor and I had to leave formal education".

"At this point Nurture Africa stepped in and has supported me greatly. I have received full sponsorship for the metal fabrication course I am undertaking. All of my course fees are paid in full. I also receive costs for meals, accommodation and all of my school requirements.

Kasirivu Henry is studying Metal Fabrication at Timeline Vocational Training Institute

"With this support from Nurture Africa, I now have time to focus on my studies knowing that my fees and requirements are all fully paid up. I do not have to struggle to look for other work in order to pay for fees or any other requirements."

"I would like to start my own workshop as soon as I complete my studies and gain a qualification, however, it is quite costly to begin a company of my own since I lack the capital to begin. I will therefore get a place where I can work and save money to buy the necessary materials to realise my dream and start my own workshop."

"I also dream of a time when I can earn money after my course and be able to support my sibling’s with fees and other needs at home."

Nurture Africa is supporting over 100 students through various Vocational Training courses with the aim of supporting them to provide a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Later this week, 15 year old Opan, will be sharing her own story of how war in South Sudan forced her family to flee their home and leave behind what was a happy childhood. She also speaks of how her education is now being supported by Nurture Africa within a refugee camp in Northern Uganda.

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